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Bianco Precast is a proudly South Australian business. Blending historical success and bold vision, Bianco Precast is a company at the forefront of the construction industry, consistently developing innovative products for a strengthened local and national market. Bringing together experience, integrity and design excellence, pre-cast concrete products offered by Bianco Precast are of the highest quality, durability and flexibility.

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The Bianco Precast presence in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney is strong and strengthening, particularly for architectural panels. Effectively fusing design capability with quality product development means Bianco Precast is consistently extending its marketů and its successes.

M2- Mawson Lakes Uni


M2- Mawson Lakes Uni

Glenelg Tram Overpass


Bianco Precast produced 264 precast units, including bridge beams, abutments, noise wall, hollow section piers, columns, and stair and lift panels ranging from plain grey off-form concrete to sandblasted panels and Brightonlite off-form architectural panels for the stair and lift shafts. The stair panels have skewed elliptical penetrations which were formed by an innovative mould manufacturing technique.Profile cut polystyrene was sandwiched between steel plates and rendered with an epoxy coating then sanded to give smooth off-form finish. The result surpassed the clients' expectations.





Telephone: +61 8 8359 0666
Copyright © Bianco Precast
All Rights Reserved

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